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5.2.287  F1CLEO. To excuse their after wrath. Husband, I come!
5.2.218  F1CLEO. Our Alexandrian revels: Antony
3.12.22  F1CAES. From Egypt drive her all-disgraced friend,
2.6.16  F1POM. Made all-honor'd, honest, Roman Brutus,
3.13.77  F1CLEO. Tell him, from his all-obeying breath I hear
2.7.5  F11SERV. They have made him drink alms-drink.
1.5.48  F1ALEX. And soberly did mount an arm-gaunt steed,
2.2.224  F1ENO. Being barber'd ten times o'er, goes to the feast;
3.13.11  F1ANT. You have been a boggler ever,
3.4.24  F1ANT. Than yours so branchless. But as you requested,
4.14.98  F1ANT. Have by their brave instruction got upon me
1.5.29  F1CLEO. And wrinkled deep in time? Broad-fronted Caesar,
4.15.25  F1CLEO. Be brooch'd with me, if knife, drugs, serpents have
4.8.28  F1ANT. He has deserv'd it, were it carbuncled
2.1.25  F1POM. Sharpen with cloyless sauce his appetite,
3.13.15  F1ANT. Cold-hearted toward me?
2.2.53  F11SEN. Your loving motion toward the common body
1.2.30  F1CHAR. Octavius Caesar, and companion me with my mistress.
1.5.23  F1CLEO. The demi-Atlas of this earth, the arm
4.15.29  F1CLEO. Demuring upon me. But come, come, Antony —
Vocabulary Display:

lemma: after wrath
wordclass: n.
dating: bef. 1606
etymology: Germ.

inflection: no inflectional morphology
token frequ.: 1
variant frequ.: