Query Sample 1:

Words first attested in a Shakespeare play
This is a list of all word-forms and their lemmata which, according to the lexicographical information contained in the Shakespeare Database, are first attested in the First Folio play:  The tragedie of Anthonie, and Cleopatra.

Such a listing is of potential interest to Shakespeare editors, commentators and literary critics. Although first occurrence phenomena can be accidental, and earlier occurrences may still be found, some of these words may have the character of keywords for a play, or they may illustrate Shakespearean preferences in wordformation and usage. One should keep in mind that the Shakespeare Database project uses SQL scripts only internally. They are much too complex for an uninitiated user. They are given here as an illustration only.

Select   lemma.lemma_no, lemma_name, lemma_homograph_no, word_class, lemma_dating, lemma_dating_remark, work_info, etymology_languages, lemma_alphasort, token_frequency, var_frequency, act, scene, line_no, prose, copy_text, speech_prefix, character_name, sex, age, social status, occupation, nationality, role_name, character_comment, first_name, second_name
from   lemma, wordform, token, parsed_text, edited_text, speech, role, character, person
where   lemma.lemma_no = wordform.lemma_no
and wordform.wordform_no = token.wordform_no
and token.token_no = parsed_text.token_no
and parsed_text.text_no = edited_text.text_no
and edited_text.text_no = speech.text_no
and speech.role_no = role.role_no
and role.character_no = character.character_no
and character.person_no = person.person_no
and work_info = 'ANT'

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